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In a huge transport and shipping business set-up, the integral part of the business is the number of vehicles that are under working condition. The numbers of vehicles that are actively running in the process are difficult to keep the track record about.

The number of vehicles used for various purposes, the time due for service, and the ones on the route to transport the shipment, the amount and extent of risk that is involved in each vehicle are the features that are kept in mind while designing vehicle/fleet management software. Traffic vehicular management system, fines that are due, the ones that are rental, the ones on which rent is due for payment/receiving, etc are the features that are added on while developing an efficient and user friendly vehicle and fleet management software.

We, at Webnetic Developers have come up with the unique and captivating ideas that will surely ease the workload and that shall impart astounding results. The core team at WEBNETIC is efficient, skilled and proficient to develop software that will meet all your requirements.

Vehicle Management System Software Diagram

Features of Vehicle Management / Fleet Managmeent System Software

Fleet Management

  • Reports of Vehicle
  • Supplier Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Mechanic Management

Service / Maintenance Management

  • Schedule Of maintenance
  • Assign Service center
  • Oil / Tyre reporting and scheduling
  • General service reports

Spare Parts / Inventory Management

  • Parts Inventory Tracking
  • Vendor Performance Tracking
  • Cross Facility Transfers
  • Parts Usage Tracking
  • Full-Cycle Warranty Tracking

RTO / Legal Document management

  • Invoice of Vehicle management / EMI Reports
  • RTO Document management
  • Insurance reports
  • Insurance scheduling
  • Permit documents management
Vehicle Management System Software

Fleet Report

  • Vehicle Report
  • Vehicle Repair / Maintenance report
  • Expense Report
  • Vehicle Fuel Consumption Report
  • Spare parts Stock Report
  • Vehicle trip report

Fleet Accout Management

  • Generate Customer Invoice and tracking report
  • Manage Expense and balance sheet
  • Inventory Billing report
  • Fleet parts Purchase report
  • Vehicle Maintenance account management
  • Trial Balance Management

Fleet Management

Manage your multiple fleets on centeralize system of our fleet management software.

Maintenance Management

Get complete alerts and reports for due service and maintenance of vehicle on daily basis

RTO / Insurance Reports

Centeralize your documents and insurance papers with this vehicle management system.

Spare Parts Management

Get stock reports of spare parts, warranty reports of any vehicle spare parts online

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